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Women’s Wellness Circle holds:

Yoga Classes | Mini Retreats | Workshops | Support Circles


Yoga:   With Amanda Mind and Body Synergy.

Empowerment:  Support Circles | Workshops | Mini Retreats

Nutrition: Ginny McArthur – Out Look for Life Pukekohe www.ginnymcarthur.com/ | Zara Goodhand Local Nutritionist.

Food Demonstrations: In the Kitchen with Petra, from The Goodness Kitchen in Pukekohe.

Guidance: Supporting Women’s Health and Wellbeing – General Practitioners, Specialists, Holistic Health Practitioners, Nutritionists, Trainers and Inspirational Women sharing their wisdom.

What we are passionate about: Helping Women on their journeys to Health and Wellbeing.

By integrating an all-round support system that is unique to you and your needs: Working with General Practitioners | Specialists | Holistic Health Practitioners | Nutritionists |Trainers.

Creating a balanced support system, that looks after every aspects of your health and wellbeing.

It’s all about you and your support team; guiding you through your journey, having your back when your not feeling 100%. When your stressed about your health, its hard to determine what direction to head in.

Why am I so passionate about Women’s Wellness Circle NZ – Just like many of you out there….I needed this support system, I was going through a Gynaecological diagnosis or if you asked me at the time a crisis; this system brought me through a very stressful time in my life and my family’s life.

In November 2015 I went to the GP in a lot of pain in my Lower Abdomen and Uterus; I wanted my Copper IUD removed, I thought that was possible the issue, they did… but the pain was still there and my smear test came inconclusive, by this stage I was freaking out. I was stressed, scared, confused and in pain that no one could see!

I went back to the doctor three times each time I saw a differ Doctor, as my usual Doctor was on Holiday. I asked for a scan that was declined, at this point I was losing faith, but I wasn’t going to take it laying down, so I booked my-self into Omni Care with Dr Valeria Ivanova, I had to wait until after Christmas for my appointment.

On the day I was so nervous, having never seen a Gynaecologist before. Valeria was very understanding, considering I had really worked myself up with Doctor Google! The scan showed two cysts on my left ovary a polyp and lots of inflammation, my blood pressure was high and I had high CA-125 and Tumor Markers. On top of that I was in a constant state of anxiety.

Later I would be diagnosed with Endometriosis with Stable Endometrioma Cysts, one of which  just rupture recently in July in 2018, causing another flare up.  I have learnt that my diagnosis “does not define me” and through looking after my Health and Wellbeing, I am better equipped to handle when I have flare ups. Flare ups usually happen when I’m STRESSED!! and not looking after myself. Stress = inflammation, inflammation = flare ups.

Along my journey I have meet Courageous Women, who truly want help, just like me.

That is how Women’s Wellness Circle was brought to life. I would love to hear your story, if you would like to share or get in touch email me. email: amandaflorence@outlook.co.nz

Below is a list of our Women’s Wellness Circle Supporter. Also check out my other pages and business Mama Cloth: www.mamacloth.co.nz | Reliable Reusable Menstrual Products and Monthly Goodies.

If your in the area and would like to take time out of your day come Relax and Nourish your Body and Mind, I hold local Yoga Classes or join in with our next Workshop or Retreat.

Women’s Wellness Circle Supporters:

Yoga:  Amanda Goodhand | Vinyasa flow with Kaye Manson | Yasmin Ivy

Tai Chi:  Joy Lin | Tommy Tang

Contact Care: Laurie Goodhand and the Contact Care Team.

Bio Renew: Juliet Milne

Acupuncture: Tommy Tang

Nutrition:  Zara Goodhand | Ginny McArthur

Gynaecologist:  Dr Valeria Ivanova. MChB, FRANZCOG, Dip Endocrinology (OmniCare)

Women’s Wellness Circle NZ is building a Growing Support Network within our Community. If you would like to become a Supporter for Women’s Wellness Circle or a Volunteer Support Angel NZ, contact Amanda via email: amandaflorence@outlook.co.nz

Keep up to date with our events by signing up, or following Women’s Wellness Circle NZ on Facebook and Instagram. I look forward to connecting with you.

Amanda Goodhand